The Redingen Site

This is ORG’s competition entry for a new campus for the Leuven University, faculty of psychology and psychiatry (PPW), in the historic city center of Leuven. The design brief called for new spaces for research and education, offices, sports facilities and new green spaces.

The Redingen site is located at a special location in Leuven, at the intersection of two spatial systems: the Dijlevalei in a north-westerly direction, and a sequence of green spaces and open campus squares in the east-westerly direction. Our proposal for the site develops The Redingen site as a link between the two.

Our design proposal for the Redingen site reinforces this sequence by making a new green connection through the block, and cluster all the new programs on along sequence.

By reorganizing the parking and circulation around the block, the Dijle island again becomes part of the ecological system of the river. Part of the island is rewilded and will be inaccessible to people, creating a new biotope for other urban species.

The new campus site itself is organized around a central square that opens to the Dijle. The north wing encloses an historic orchard and private gardens, and forms a buffer for the neighbors  to the lively campus square.

The proposal was awarded 2nd place.

Redingenhof Site

Leuven, Belgium

City of Leuven, Belgium

2019 — 2019



mixed, public, landscape, educational

Alexander D’Hooghe, Luk Peeters, Natalie Seys, Hendrik Bloem, Birgit Clottens, Jana Coeckelberghs, Milda Paceviciute, Aleksandr Čebotariov

Bureau Bas Smets, 360 Architects, Ingenium, Provoost, Callebaut Architects

Center for Agricultural Transformation