Civic Center, Beveren

This is a carbon-neutral central municipal administration building and police headquarters. The project also organizes a new public plaza, and connects the existing town center to a nearby public park. The building volume would be out of scale with its surroundings (small plots, modest buildings). For that reason, this design articulates and nest a series of smaller scales into the major volume. The result is an order of scales. This is not one but four buildings; each building is composed of nine parts, each part is built with a series of mega-bricks (80x160cm), and each of those is made of singular bricks.

To further articulate each building as distinct, we have introduced specific formal anomalies: a deformed courtyard, a stretched-up staircase, etc. These deformations are not random but offer unique functional advantages. This project demonstrated that the expertise of designing a large building is completely different from that of a small building.

The building is a low-energy building, nearly carbon neutral. The energy provisions exceed yet to be implemented 2019 European standards for office buildings. Much of the energy savings come from passive solar, wind, and water strategies; as well as active heating, cooling, and energy technologies such as: Borehole thermal energy storage, chilled ceiling systems for low temperature heating and cooling, solar panels on the roof, and integrated solar cells in the glazed parking canopies.

Beveren , Belgium

Town of Beveren, Belgium


Under Construction


mixed, public, educational

Alexander D’Hooghe, Natalie Seys, Luk Peeters, Birgit Clottens, Sanne Peeters, Yoon Young Cho, Ysaline de Lobkowicz, Aaron Weller, Wim François, Ryan Maliszewski, Ellen Raes, Rolf Van der Leeuw, Michiel De Potter, Evelyne Van Houtte, Nida Rehman, Ana Rute Costa, Theodossios Issaias, Yen Van Der Voort


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