ORG is a quality label. Experts you will work with are at the top of their field. About 1 out of every 5 of us have taught or are teaching at reputed universities worldwide. We group seasoned experts with experience, with young, creative designers. Every project has its dedicated project leader, but each problem may require bringing different experts together to cover every angle.  Senior will be involved in every project for ‘quality control’ supervision.  Our associate directors lead actual projects and coordinate up- and downward. Associate directors have been with ORG for several years.


Past Members:
Neeraj Bhatia, Daphne Binder, Andrea Brenner, Benoit Burquel, Tim Campos, Andrew Corrigan, Michiel De Potter, Raf De Preter, Pierre Dugardyn, Sarah F. Dunbar, Scott Ferebee, Andrew Ferentinos, Adam Galletly, James Graham, Daniel Haidermota, Cecilia Siwai Ho, Garrett Hwang, Theodossios Issaias, El Hadi Jazairy, Collin Kerr, Aristodimos Komninos, Elizabeth Krasner, Griet Kuppens, Natasha Kurmashova, Felix Lauffer, Tien-Yn Lee, Rosalie Lefebvre, Chang Liu, Ryan Maliszewski, Angie Müller, Joseph O’Connor, Thomas Oles, Larisa Ovalles, Erik Papetti, John T. Pugh, Daniele Ragno, Nida Rehman, Casey Renner, Daniel Roche, Christoforos Romanos, Ana Rute Costa, Marina Salimgareeva, Shirley Shen, Maria Simon, Isaac Smith, Steve Swiggers, Katrien Theunis, Thomas Van Bouwel, Yen Van Der Voort, Evelyne Van Houtte, Britt Van Rompaey, Rolf Van der Leeuw, Oliver Wuttig


Abattoir, Brussels; Africa Atlantic; Ahasverus CGG (B); BEFIMMO Development; BPI Development; Brussels Region, Bouwmeester; Brussels Region, City-Dev; City of Mechelen, Belgium; Disassembly of a Brussels Palace; Documenta Kassel – Ways of Life; Immobel development; Neven, St-Truiden (B); Police Station, Eeklo (B); Private Home in Landen; Private Residence, Bruges; Ricky’s Flower Market, Somerville MA (US); Town of Asse, Belgium; Town of Beveren, Belgium; Town of Brakel, Belgium; Town of Lubbeek, Belgium; Villa, Leuven


DEMOCO; Downtown Urban Block, Brussels; Esuoh Cabin; Mixing Housing with Light Industry – Gryson Block; P-REX (Dir: Alan Berger); Private Home in Landen; Ricky di Giovanni and Alison Hammer; SWECO; TPF Engineering, Brussels (B); UTIL Structural Engineering, Brussels (B); Urban Platform; VINCO; VK Engineering, Brussels (B); Willemen; World Trade Center, Brussels