BSA awards for our projects in Ghana and Anderlecht

Awards, 19.10.2016

Two of our recent projects have been selected for recognition by the Boston Society of Architects ! The Market Building in Anderlecht, Brussels will participate in BSA’s “2016 Honor Awards for Design Excellence”. The African Agribusiness Knowledge Center in Ghana (together with P-REX), has been chosen in the category “2016 Unbuilt Design Awards”. The level of the award that the projects have received —Honor level, Award level, or Citation level— will be kept confidential until the BSA’s annual Awards Gala in early 2017.

In the mean time you can still visit our pavillion in Venice, Italy at the Biennale (until 27/11) or visit the actual Abattoir – Foodmet in Anderlecht, Brussels.

As recipients of BSA awards, ORG will display two posters alongside the other winners at the annual Boston Trade Show this November 15th-17th.
More info on the Venice Biennale can be found here (website Biennale) and in different posts on our facebook page.
More info on Abattoir’s Foodmet can be found here (website Abattoir) and here (Project page).
More info on the Ghana project can be found here (Project page).